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November 1st


In a country afflicted by multiple crises, refugees are even more vulnerable. Amid steep inflation, refugee families lost purchasing power to pay for transportation, fuel for heaters, food and other critical items and services. Local missionaries provided critically needed fuel vouchers to hundreds of families, as well as blankets, mattresses, tarps, food, diapers and health care, including medicines. The workers pray with families after providing the aid, cash or vouchers. Local missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid. They request prayer for worker safety, economic recovery and for Lebanese youths to have hope for a better future.

November 2nd


In spite of the pandemic, local missionaries provided more than 1,000 Bibles to the needy as they reached many communities with the gospel. At the same time, workers trained 35 people to help lead some churches and start others. Individuals and communities were transformed as workers provided borewells for fresh water, a school for poor children and aid for those driven from their homes. Donations are sought for the multiple ways workers advance the kingdom of God in evangelism, community service and compassionate aid. Local missionaries request prayer for safety amid pervasive killings and kidnappings.

November 3rd


During recent drought, Buddhists among the Ewenka people in Inner Mongolia sacrificed cattle and sheep in hopes it would bring rain, without effect. Local missionaries arrived and prayed for rain, and two days later it poured for nearly a week. Workers gave them a recording of the Gospel of John in their native language, and the Ewenka said they had never heard anything so moving in their own tongue. In a trip to five cities and nine villages, local missionaries led 19 people to faith in Christ. Workers need donations of $60 or $120 for the tools and training to carry out such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Workers request prayer for safety and more personnel to help disciple new Christians.

November 4th


A teacher came to Christ after local missionaries visited his school to talk about the importance of tribal language, and he ended up helping to translate school materials and Christian books. He is now deeply committed to the Lord and to his students. Workers boldly proclaim Christ as part of multiple ministries; in one area several families have received Christ and are gathering for Bible study, and people in another village who had expressed openness to the gospel have made public commitments to follow Christ. Workers need donations of $60 or $120 for such outreach and follow-up. Pray that local missionaries and those they’re reaching will be kept safe from COVID-19.

November 5th


In an area rife with demonic activity, a local missionary is visiting villages every day and delivering souls from bondage. She offers them comfort and healing, both physical and spiritual, as she counsels and prays with villagers. Among them is a 52-year-old woman suffering from AIDS who has put her faith in Christ. In other areas, local missionaries proclaim Christ at open-air events or in individual visits, recently planting a church of 20 new Christians and forming 11 cell groups on the way to becoming congregations. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. They request prayer for strength to help destitute and demon-possessed people.

November 6th


In small groups or online due to the pandemic, local missionaries continued to teach the Old Testament to prepare tribal people for the story of the Lord’s redeeming sacrifice. As a result, several people recently put their faith in Christ. Bible teaching in homes led to 25 new believers taking baptism. Workers and tribal church leaders led discipleship groups in order to deepen new Christians’ faith, while other ministry personnel trained 75 tribal people in church leadership. Donations of $60 or $120 are sought to equip workers to carry out such gospel proclamation and discipleship. Pray that a biblical worldview will replace tribal people’s fear of nature gods and spirits.

November 7th


New streams of refugees continue to arrive; recently 40 boys and girls who lost their parents and other relatives to war in an African country took refuge with a local ministry. Initially fearful, gradually they began to trust local missionaries who taught them Spanish, job skills and the gospel. “When we start sharing Jesus, most of them are opening their hearts to God,” the ministry leader said. Adult refugees from Africa and the Middle East are also receiving Christ as they also experience His love in food, counseling and other aid. Workers need donations of $35 or $70 to provide such assistance to refugees. Local missionaries request prayer for resources and safety to continue serving refugees.

November 8th


A woman who received Christ at a local ministry Bible meeting was the target of a curse after she refused the advances of a man who practiced witchcraft. When his curse failed to harm her, he developed sores and swelling in his feet, and his family forced him to confess what he had done – resulting in many villagers putting their faith in Christ. Witchcraft in other areas where local missionaries have planted churches has vanished, and their discipleship seminars have opened people’s eyes to the exploitative preaching of sub-Christian churches. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 for the means, tools and training for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.

November 9th

Sri Lanka

The gospel continues to spread, with four families recently putting their faith in Christ even as four other families were so drawn to Him they were attending worship services at the same church. A local missionary has been sharing the message of salvation with a family in another part of the country for more than eight months and recently received an opportunity to discuss the gospel more deeply with them. In the same area, 12 people who received Christ are preparing to get baptized. Workers need donations for the tools, means and training to proclaim the gospel and disciple new believers. Pray for the ministry leader’s health and for protection for him and his team.

November 10th


People in camps for the displaced who have come to saving faith are growing as followers of Christ thanks to weekly discipleship meetings with local missionaries and daily group lessons online. Workers saw many lives transformed in a discipleship program in which more than 100 families participated. The gospel also spreads to other Iraqis in home visits and special church meetings, with many people expected to put their faith in Christ during Bible distributions at upcoming Christmas programs. Donations are sought for the Bibles and other tools workers need to advance God’s kingdom. Pray for strong leadership among burgeoning churches.

November 11th


Many of the people suffering increased need due to the pandemic are coming to Christ as local missionaries help feed and care for them. Thanks to your donations, local missionaries cooked large pots of food and delivered it to the poorest families at risk of malnutrition. Receiving food daily, both children and adults heard the message of eternal life in Christ. Much of the follow-up with new believers takes place over the telephone and, for those with internet access, by social media. Donations are sought for multiple outreaches to meet deep physical and spiritual needs. Workers request prayer to overcome all hindrances and hostilities.

November 12th

North Africa

Destitute families were thankful for food that local missionaries provided to them amid wrenching poverty. “The reality is that folks are disenfranchised, hungry, hoping against hope and trusting God to intervene in their situations for family upkeep in this crucial time of need,” a ministry leader said. Street children and orphans also received food and other aid. Besides meeting immediate needs, workers also help the poor build for a better future by providing education for their children and job skills and business training for adults. They need donations of $30 or $60 to save lives and uplift communities in Christ’s name. Pray for the means to hire more workers.

November 13th


Visiting the sick and disabled in a village every Sunday afternoon, local missionaries have opportunities to pray for them and share the gospel. Workers continue in pastoral ministry as well, either in online church services or smaller gatherings in homes. One unbelieving man who stopped attending services with his Christian wife and child has become friends with a local missionary, who has helped him to better understand the faith. After a Bible study started in his home, the man has begun to turn to Christ. Workers need donations in order to carry forward their work in the field. Pray for wisdom for local missionaries to adjust to ever-changing conditions.

November 14th


Quoting Christ saying not to be troubled, that no one comes to the Father except through Him and that He will never forsake His followers, a local missionary led four Chakma people in a remote area to saving faith and baptized them. At an evangelistic meeting in another area, he saw many people renew their faith and four more people receive Christ. In a visit to another village, he led 17 people to Christ. He and other workers need donations in order to undertake such outreaches and form biblically grounded disciples. Local missionaries request prayer for the help that only the Lord can give in the challenges of proclaiming Christ to tribal people.

November 15th


In a country where most people care little about religion even as 57 percent identify as Muslim, local missionaries know the varied nuances of Albanians’ worldviews, putting them in prime position to effectively proclaim the love of Christ. Online or in visits over coffee or meals, workers are establishing relationships, inviting people to church activities and explaining the kingdom of God. New believers are learning God’s Word in regular discipleship meetings. Donations are sought for the tools and means to proclaim the gospel and follow up with those who trust Christ for their salvation. Workers request prayer for a swift end to the pandemic.

November 16th


The Holy Spirit is enabling local missionaries to break the grip of Buddhism and ancestor worship. At events to encourage church leaders and other Christians in various villages, many curious non-believers also attend and hear the gospel. Many tribal villagers hear about Christ on live Facebook teachings, while others hear about Him on MP3 players loaded with messages and Scripture in their native languages. Workers with connections to local communities follow up with new believers. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray for persecuted Christians and for workers to have wisdom and discernment in dealing with authorities.

November 17th


Tribal people are surrendering their implements and trinkets of witchcraft as they witness the love and power of the Lord in their lives. Village chiefs who see their communities transformed from superstition and hostility to truth and kindness are offering land for church buildings, and neighboring chiefs are inviting local missionaries to proclaim Christ in their areas. Cell groups have formed in 35 communities as the seeds of future congregations. Workers carrying out such evangelism and discipleship and other activities need donations for their monthly support. Pray they and their families will be sustained amid poverty worsened by the pandemic.

November 18th


Local missionaries learned a 12-year-old and his younger brother had been orphaned and invited them to a kids’ camp. During a time of special prayer requests, the older boy, who had problems speaking since the loss of his parents, raised his hand but began crying as he tried to say he missed them. The leaders prayed for him and later talked with him about the Lord as a loving Father. The boy committed his life to Christ, and his ability to speak has improved. Most of the other children also put their faith in Christ, and workers are following up with them. Donations are sought for such evangelism outreaches. Pray for more workers and resources to reach more children and others.

November 19th


The Lord continues to expand His kingdom as local missionaries bring the message of eternal life to their own people. In a country where folk religion and atheism have long held sway, 115 people from seven unreached ethnic groups recently put their faith in Christ. Seven house churches were planted. The need for pastors is increasing, and to help meet it, nearly 4,000 students studied the first and second levels of a local ministry’s theological training program by extension. Workers need donations for the tools, materials and training to plant and grow churches. They request prayer for good health and the power of the Holy Spirit to reach more people groups.

November 20th


As the pandemic ravages the country, your assistance has helped local missionaries keep orphans and other destitute children safe as they care for their physical and emotional needs. “Some of the smaller children suffered from colds, with cough and fever, and they have recovered with timely medicines,” the ministry leader said. Workers are also ensuring the children are educated, whether online or in the classroom. “Children from our orphanage have been promoted to their next class, and they are happy to be back at school,” the leader said. The orphanage needs donations of $30 or $60 to provide such care. Pray the children will grow up to glorify the Lord in all they do.

November 21st


When many people in his village responded positively to a gospel event, a tribal chief questioned them about their decisions to follow Christ. After hearing villagers talk about how Christ saved them from their sins and evil practices, the chief knelt down and asked local missionaries to pray for him and the rest of the villagers to receive Christ. The entire community now follows the Lord. At a meeting in another area, a paralyzed man received healing prayer and regained the ability to walk; he and his family now praise Christ for healing and salvation. Local missionaries need donations of $60 or $120 to proclaim Christ and form strong disciples. Pray for workers to reach more areas with the gospel.

November 22nd


The pandemic has disrupted many Christian schools, churches and homeschool networks. Training parents and both Christian and public school teachers to educate youth, workers are helping to meet growing demand due to school relocations while developing relationships for gospel proclamation. They also provide education training to youth camps and businesses catering to young people. The pandemic has driven many churches to meet in small cells, opening the way for more training among family leaders. Donations are sought for these and other ministries of evangelism and discipleship. Pray for peace and security for local missionaries facing uncertain times.

November 23rd


A 19-year-old prostitute from a rural ethnic group heard the gospel many times from a local missionary before she gave her life to Christ. Since then, she has married a Christian, and they are guided by the Lord and the Bible as they reach others with the gospel. Workers spend much time building relationships with tribal people to gain the trust needed to share the message of Christ’s love. Three new groups of disciples have been established in formerly unreached communities. Local missionaries would be equipped and encouraged with donations for the means to proclaim Christ and disciple new believers. Pray for protection from opposition and the pandemic.

November 24th


Individuals and families fleeing armed conflict in Syria, Iraq, Iran and other countries arrive traumatized and with pressing physical needs. “Each comes to Greece with a unique story of fleeing war, oppression and persecution,” the ministry leader said. Many come from the “10/40 window” of Islamist countries, and some are Christians fleeing persecution. The food and other aid that workers provide, along with spiritual counseling and legal assistance, gives refugees the first hope for rebuilding their lives. Local missionaries need donations of $35 or $70 to help them survive and thrive. Pray for workers’ strength and trust in God as they face daunting needs.

November 25th


Refugees receiving critically needed food and hygiene kits ask local missionaries why they are helping them, fearing the workers will require something in return. As workers explain the love of God and continue serving them unconditionally, refugees who normally wouldn’t let strangers into their tents or private lives are inviting workers in for tea and sharing their personal problems. As a result, local missionaries are meeting acute physical and spiritual needs. They need donations of $35 or $70 to provide food boxes that last four to six weeks for a family of four, along with other crucial aid. Pray workers will have deep faith to confront unexpected problems amid difficult conditions.

November 26th


Villagers shamed the family of a girl who took her own life, especially as her mother was a Christian. Local missionaries and other church members were the only ones who came to comfort them, making a deep impression on the mother’s unbelieving son; their love and care opened his heart to the gospel, giving workers a chance to share with him more deeply and lead him to Christ. Local missionaries saw 118 people put their faith in Christ over a six-month period, and they helped train 45 pastors and others for church leadership. Workers need donations for the means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. They request prayer for provision to fulfill their outreach goals.

November 27th

North Africa

A woman addicted to social media met with local missionaries after telling them she was deeply touched by their Bible meeting. She prayed with them to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, and a few days later she was excited to tell them she had cut all online relationships and started a new relationship with God. Workers also train 90 young Christians (18-25 years old) at a missions and evangelism school to proclaim the kingdom in unreached areas. They need donations for such evangelism and discipleship activities. Local missionaries request prayer for hearts to be opened to the Lord amid deteriorating conditions due to wars and economic collapse.

November 28th

Southeast Asia

At a special gathering of a local ministry’s church, many relatives and friends of area Christians heard the good news of salvation from sin for the first time and put their faith in Christ. Workers later visited and prayed with them and have started Bible studies to deepen their faith. Workers in another area trained 35 young people in various ministry skills, such as leading Bible studies or worship, in a two-day camp. Local missionaries throughout Southeast Asia need donations in order to carry out such evangelism and discipleship activities. Pray that workers will be encouraged and emboldened amid opposition and health dangers.

November 29th

South Asia

A woman broke her leg constructing a mud house for her family and was too poor to get treatment. A local missionary shared the gospel with her and her family, and she put her faith in Christ. The worker then prayed for healing, and the Lord enabled her to leave her bed. Soon she was walking again, prompting her husband and children to leave their ancestral religion to follow Christ. In spite of opposition and COVID-19, local missionaries led 1,457 people to the Lord over a six-month stretch, including people in 15 new villages. Donations are sought for such outreach and cultivation of new disciples throughout the region. Workers request prayer for protection from the pandemic.

November 30th

Christian Aid

As God’s children appear to be facing more insidious forms of evil and opposition with each passing day, the supply lines to keep them equipped, healthy and encouraged are more important than ever. Your support supplies local missionaries with the resources they need to overcome the hour of darkness with Christ’s redeeming love. Please consider a donation to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and support local missionaries who are doing the most to fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples of every nation. Pray God’s protection and inspiration for workers bringing the kingdom to areas of persecution and poverty.