This Christmas, you can be the
answer to their prayers

2021 Christmas Catalog

Provide Hope and Dignity with Sewing Machines

A Syrian refugee in Jordan, Salima* struggled to provide for her children after her husband abandoned them. She enrolled in a sewing course offered by a local ministry while also working in a daycare. After a ministry worker visited Salima’s home and discovered that she was trying to use an old, rusted sewing machine that barely worked, the ministry surprised her with a new one. “You saved me from humiliation, me and my children,” she said through joyful tears. “The machine allows her to get sewing clients…they pay her a good wage,” the ministry leader said. “There are many women like this, who are underprivileged and want honest work to provide for their needs.” Your gift will bless a woman like Salima with her own sewing machine. 

$80 provides 1 sewing machine 

$160 provides 2 sewing machines 

Farm Animals for
Families in Need

Tala looked over her growing flock of chickens and breathed a sigh of gratitude for God’s provision. Like most daily wage earners in the Philippines, she’d lost her job during pandemic lockdowns. So, she gathered her family and took refuge with a local ministry that trains and equips poor villagers with agricultural skills. Once trained, the ministry gifted the family with three goats and several chickens. “They have earnings from those livestock, and meat and eggs for food,” the ministry leader said. You can extend a lifeline to a struggling family in a poor country with your gift of farm animals. These valuable creatures are gifts from God that can break the cycle of poverty. Goats, ducks, pigs, chickens, and water buffalos provide families with an extraordinary opportunity to be self-sustainable. 

$50 helps provide farm animals for struggling families

Bicycles to Build God’s Kingdom

How do you double—even triple—the number of people a local missionary in a poor country can reach with the gospel each day? Give him a bicycle! In remote areas of the world, where there is no public transportation, missionaries must walk for hours, sometimes days, to share the Good News with unreached people. This Christmas, accelerate the spread of the gospel with your gift of a bicycle.

Your gift of $100, $200, or $300 provides 1, 2, or 3 bicycles 

Help Persecuted Christians

Two local missionaries in India were praying for a sick man in his home when a group of militant extremists pushed opened the door, threw the missionaries to the ground, and began beating them mercilessly. Thanks to support from Christian Aid Mission donors, these missionaries received medical aid. When they reported the incident to the police, several officers asked the missionaries to pray for them. Your gift for persecuted Christians helps cover the costs of medical aid, legal aid, shelter, basic necessities, and relocation for believers who are abused, attacked, falsely imprisoned, and whose homes or belongings have been destroyed.

Your gift of $35 helps a persecuted believer

Support a Missionary

Who is bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth? To reindeer herders near the Arctic Circle or Middle Eastern refugees in tent camps or completely isolated tribes on islands and deep within the Amazon jungle? Indigenous (local) missionaries are reaching all of these people with the message of Christ in some of the world’s poorest countries. Poverty holds them back, but you can be their supply line. Your gift of $60 will help provide for a missionary’s living expenses and equip them with training, Bibles, and transportation to bring news of our Savior to every tongue, tribe, and nation. 

$60 helps support 1 missionary for a month

$120 helps support 2 missionaries for a month

Bibles in Local Languages

After a missionary in Mexico read a scripture passage to an unreached tribe in their local language, 30 people wept and repented of their sin. Missionaries in Peru who distributed Bibles to poor villagers reported: “People receiving the Bibles accept them with great gratitude. Some cry without saying a word. Others ask us to read them or explain their content.” For people living in places where Bibles are scarce or cost prohibitive, the Word of God is a precious gift. This Christmas, you can bless people with the greatest treasure: a Bible in their own language! 

$32 provides 4 Bibles in local languages

$64 provides 8 Bibles in local languages

Change a Child’s Life

Pranit*, 12, lived in a slum in India. His mother, a poor widow, couldn’t afford to send him to school, but after a local ministry accepted him into their children’s home, Pranit is well fed and receiving an education. “I know a lot of people love me here,” he said. “They told me about Jesus…I had never heard of Him before. I accepted Him as my Savior, and now I know I am a child of God.” Change a child’s life with your gift to support children’s ministries in the world’s poorest countries.

$30 helps care for 1 child for a month 

$60 helps care for 2 children for a month

Get the Gospel
to All Nations

Christian Aid Mission exists to establish a witness for Christ in every nation by assisting the most effective missionary force on earth: indigenous (local) missionaries. These missionaries know the language, culture, and customs of the people they are reaching and are doing 90% of all pioneer missionary work. Your gift to Christian Aid Mission will help us identify, evaluate, and support indigenous missionaries doing the most to make disciples of all nations.

Your gift of any amount helps get the gospel to all nations

Feed the Hungry

In a remote village in Ecuador, a distraught mother had no idea how she would feed her five children. Her husband had abandoned them, and pandemic lockdowns had eliminated jobs for daily wage earners. The day after they’d eaten their last bit of food, local missionaries arrived at their door with milk and groceries. “She accepted Jesus as her Savior,” the ministry leader said. “And now she has opened her little house for us to do Bible studies.” Share Christ’s love today with your gift to provide life-saving nourishment and life-transforming hope to poor families.

$35 helps provide food for poor families